The long-awaited Planmed S2D™ for Planmed Clarity™ 3D units is now available

Planmed S2D

Planmed is pleased to announce that the long-awaited Planmed S2D™, a synthetic 2D feature for Planmed Clarity™ 3D units, is now available!

Planmed S2D™ is an optional upgrade for Planmed Clarity 3D devices which allows creating a synthetic 2D image from digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) data. An S2D image enables getting an overview of the whole breast which may then be compared to prior 2D images. As synthetic 2D utilizes DBT data, there is no need to obtain a traditional 2D image. This means not only less exposure to radiation, but also shorter examination times, improving patient comfort.

“We’re very excited to launch this new product feature,” states Jukka Erkkilä, Clinical Director at Planmed. “Our product development philosophy has always been to make life easier for our users. That’s why we’re now coming out with this upgrade. Planmed S2D™ facilitates comparisons with earlier 2D images and also highlights masses and microcalcifications, assisting in their detection*.”

Ask your local distributor for more information and pricing.

*) Please note that synthetic 2D images are not yet suitable for diagnostic use.