Planmed Oy

The Finnish Planmed Oy dedicates its effort to the development, manufacturing and marketing of advanced imaging equipment and accessories that provide a unique combination of image quality and ease of use for medical imaging professionals.

The company offers products for mammography and orthopedic imaging that are well-known for imaging performance, user-friendliness and good ergonomics. Since 1987, Planmed systems have provided tools for healthcare professionals in over 80 countries worldwide.

The company is part of Finnish Planmeca Group, a well-known company in medical and dental field.

Planmed company

Our history in a nutshell

Planmed Oy's story dates back to early 1970s: Planmed Oy's parent company, the Finnish dental manufacturer Planmeca Oy was founded by Mr Heikki Kyöstilä in 1971. Mr.Kyöstilä is still the President and the main owner of Planmeca Group. Over the years, the company has evolved into one of the world's leading companies in the dental industry.

was a decade for rapid expansion and internationalization. In 1987, Planmeca broadened its design and manufacturing activities into the medical field by founding Planmed Oy. The first Planmed Sophie mammography unit was introduced at the 1989 RSNA Meeting.

Planmed's design did not go without notice as the Planmed Sophie unit was awarded an Honorary Mention in the prestigious Pro Finnish Design competition in 1990.

In 1991, Planmed launched Planmed Cytoguide, a biopsy needle guidance system for stereotactic breast biopsy.

In 1992, the unit for mobile mammography Planmed Sophie Mobile was ready for the market.

Planmed started delivering the Planmed Sophie Classic mammography unit in 1996, and in 1998 the product line was completed with the acclaimed Twincomp compression system. In 1999, Planmed introduced the revolutionary MaxView™ Breast Positioning System. The MaxView system maximizes the field of view in mammography, enabling the detection of even the smallest lesions.

Planmed's digital spot stereotactic system made its first public appearance in 2000, and the same year the deliveries of MaxView™ began. At the RSNA Meeting in 2004 Planmed launched the Planmed Nuance Classic mammography unit which comes with internal readiness for digital upgrade path and is fully upgradeable to full-field digital imaging.

The first fully digital mammography unit Planmed Nuance was delivered in 2005. After this Planmed’s digital product portfolio was expanded with the FFDM unit Planmed Nuance Excel with a 24x30cm detector including TriFilter technology for the lowest possible radiation dose. The product portfolio was completed with the Planmed Nuance DigiGuide for digital stereotactics and Planmed CAD for computer-aided detection.

In 2010, Planmed expanded its medical portfolio into orthopedic 3D imaging and launched Planmed Verity®, a revolutionary new concept for low dose 3D orthopedic imaging. The launch expanded Planmed’s operations and product range to a completely new market.

In 2016, Planmed introduced the award-winning digital mammography system with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis capability, the Planmed Clarity™ product family. Planmed Clarity has continued the success of Planmed’s design knowhow and it has been awarded The Reddot Design Award and the Fennia Prize as tokens of good design that integrates safety, durability, and the highest level of ease of use.

The product portfolio was extended again in 2018 when Planmed Clarity™ S was introduced to the market. Planmed Clarity S is the ideal choice for a cost-effective digital mammography system.

Planmed is committed to continuous improvement and development, and we strive for offering innovative solutions for all the imaging needs of our customers in the future as well.