Planmed Verity® Extremity CT Scanner Added to Novation Contract with Merry-X-Ray

Press release

Planmed announced today that effective November 15, 2014, its Planmed Verity® extremity CT scanner is available on the Novation Merry-X-Ray capital equipment and diagnostics imaging distribution contract (XR0262), effective through July 31, 2017.

Planmed Verity Extremity Scanner

The Planmed Verity® extremity scanner is designed to find even the most subtle extremity fractures during the patient's first visit to a clinic – the types of fractures that are often missed when using only 2D radiographs. The Planmed Verity extremity scanner provides fast pre- and postoperative 3D imaging at the point of care – enabling high resolution images with lower patient dose than full-body CTs. Unlike any other 3D imaging device, Planmed Verity also allows for weight-bearing imaging of the extremities.

The mobile scanner adapts to different patient needs with anatomy-specific imaging programs, movements, and trays. Easily adjustable soft-surfaced gantry and motorized positioning trays support comfortable positions for various examination procedures. The adjustable user interface and efficient all-in-one workflow are also designed to maximize the operator's soothing presence for the patient.

The Planmed Verity CT scannerwasalsoawarded Novation's Innovative Technology designation following a review by Novation's Imaging Council, which indicated the Planmed Verity CT scanneroffered incremental benefit over other products available on the market.

Olya Carter, RN and Senior Clinical Manager at Novation, said, "We are pleased that Novation-served hospital representatives recognized the unique benefits of the Planmed Verity CT system and awarded it the company's Innovative Technology designation."

Planmed Oy and the Planmeca Group
Planmed Oy develops, manufactures, and markets high technology imaging devices for mammography and orthopedic imaging. Planmed's products are sold in more than 70 countries worldwide, with considerable market shares in Europe, Japan, and Oceania, as well as in North and Latin America. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.
Planmed Oy is a part of Planmeca Group, which operates in the field of health care technology. The Group's turnover is MEUR 740 (2014) with nearly 2,700 employees worldwide.

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