Planmed announces new efficient and cost-effective digital mammography system

1 March 2018

Planmed expands its mammography solution portfolio with a new efficient and cost-effective digital mammography system. Named Planmed Clarity™ S, the new 2D unit has been developed for hospitals and imaging centers looking for a simple and efficient entry to the world of digital mammography.

The Planmed Clarity™ S is the perfect unit for clinics and hospitals looking for a cost-effective, quality 2D digital mammography solution. Transition to digital mammography often improves both quality of care and efficiency of the clinic.

“The Planmed Clarity S is a great addition to our mammography selection. Every imaging center should be able to enter the digital age and with Planmed Clarity the transition from analog to digital is smooth and easy. This unit is an economical choice without compromising what is most important – quality patient care,” states Jukka Erkkilä, Clinical Director of Planmed Oy.

The new unit is part of the pioneering Planmed Clarity product family. The Planmed Clarity S enables a quick screening workflow as well as easy diagnostic imaging. The ergonomic and approachable state-of-the-art design of the unit helps to reduce patient anxiety.

“Planmed Clarity S is a simple but strong choice for clinics and imaging centers looking for an optimal digital mammography screening solution. Enhanced workflow at a clinic means not only increased patient intake but more time to focus on each patient,” Erkkilä concludes.

Planmed is presenting Planmed Clarity S at ECR 2018. Deliveries of Planmed Clarity S will start during spring 2018.

For more information, please contact:
Jukka Erkkilä
Clinical Director, Planmed Oy