Planmed and Disior sign collaboration and distribution agreement

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Embargo 14 November 2018

Medical imaging manufacturer Planmed and med tech startup Disior are bringing next-generation medical image analysis software into clinical use. “Until today, 3D medical images have been analyzed using 2D slices, as if you were looking at the image with one eye only,” says professor and orthopedic surgeon Jari Salo. “The Disior method analyzes the original 3D data in a way that compares to having both eyes open.”

Jan Moed and Anna-Maria Henell

The Finnish medical technology companies Planmed Oy and Disior Oy have signed a collaboration and distribution agreement. The new agreement allows integrating Disior’s orthopedic analysis software with Planmed’s high-tech Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanner, Planmed Verity®.

Planmed Verity is a low-dose CBCT scanner which provides 3D images of the extremities and the head and neck region. Introduced in 2012, the versatile CBCT unit was the first in the market able to provide images of the foot and ankle under natural load.

“Since its launch, Planmed Verity has become renowned for its usability among orthopedics around the world. The new image analytics have been received with great enthusiasm so far, and we’re very excited to bring these innovative tools to our customers,” states Jan Moed, Managing Director of Planmed.

Combining Planmed’s unique imaging technology with Disior’s image analysis software enables using the whole data set from a 3D image in diagnosis and treatment planning. The necessary parameters are extracted automatically and are instantly available for diagnosis and treatment decisions.

“Our technology approaches image analysis differently than existing technologies, and we’ve been able to reach a level of automation which makes it suitable for clinical use,” explains Anna-Maria Henell, CEO and founder of Disior.

“I have collaborated with Planmed on 3D imaging for a long time,” says Professor Salo. “The precise isotropic data that CBCT imaging produces is new in orthopedics. Disior technology makes automated and exact 3D analytics possible in understanding the patient-specific changes e.g. in the patient’s foot under weight-bearing conditions. This gives us truly 3-dimensional tools for 3-dimensional data.”

“Together, the software and CBCT scanner make the perfect combination,” Salo states.

For more information, please contact:

Jan Moed, Managing Director, Planmed
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Anna-Maria Henell, CEO, Disior
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Jari Salo, Professor, Head of Orthopedics, Mehiläinen
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Planmed Oy and Disior Oy

Finnish Planmed Oy dedicates its effort to the development, manufacturing and marketing of advanced imaging equipment and accessories that provide a unique combination of image quality and ease of use for medical imaging professionals.

The company offers products for mammography and orthopedic imaging that are well-known for imaging performance, user-friendliness and good ergonomics. Since 1989, Planmed systems have provided tools for healthcare professionals in over 70 countries worldwide.

Planmed Oy is part of the Finnish Planmeca Group, which operates in the field of health care technology.

Disior Oy develops novel ways to analyze bones and soft tissue, teaming medical doctors with engineers and mathematicians. The company owners include both leading orthopedic and maxillofacial surgeons as well as technology visionaries.

Additional information

Jan Moed is the Managing Director of Planmed. Moed has worked at Planmeca Group for nearly 20 years and has broad experience with CBCT in dental and medical applications.

Anna-Maria Henell is the CEO of Disior. Henell founded the company in fall 2016 together with Disior CTO Sakari Soini, maxillofacial surgeon Risto Kontio, and researcher and doctor of biomechanics Goncalo Barreto. Previously, Henell has had a long career at Nokia and Microsoft, where she worked with both modeling and simulation technologies as well as the commercialization of new technologies and innovations.

Professor Jari Salo is a board-certified orthopedic and trauma surgeon and Chief Surgeon at the Mehiläinen medical clinic in Helsinki, Finland. Salo’s work with medical innovations includes using CBCT with isotropic data in orthopedics worldwide. His clinical work is focused on treating cartilage and bone lesions in joints. Salo is an active member of e.g. the International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS) and the Royal Society of Medicine, and he continues to treat patients from all over the world.