Navigating through the pandemic together

March 19, 2020
Helsinki, Finland


As the 2019 coronavirus disease has turned into a pandemic as declared by the WHO, companies and nations around the world have been forced to face a new temporary reality.

The health and wellbeing of our employees, partners, customers and their patients is always of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we have taken preemptive measures to guarantee their safety and reduce the risk of the disease spreading in the wider community.

For now, our day-to-day work will continue as close to normal as possible, although as a precaution many of our employees are now working remotely from their homes according to local guidelines. In this exceptional situation, the new technologies, such as remote access to our systems, will show their benefits for service support.

Due to our strong sourcing operations, our supply chain is secure, and we have all the needed components in stock. Our production process has remained uninterrupted so far, but in this uncertain situation we must also prepare for possible delays.

As a family-owned and stable company, we are uniquely positioned to remain patient and monitor the recommendations of leading experts. We are also prepared to make any needed adjustments to our operations and plans based on them.

In accordance with all the current social distancing guidelines, we have postponed the business travels of our After Sales, Sales and Applications personnel for now. We will continue to actively track the situation and are looking forward to attending and hosting events when the time is again right.

In addition, we have put visits to our headquarters in Helsinki on hold for the time being. We have moved face to face meetings online as much as possible, both internally and externally.

Despite the demanding circumstances 2020 has so far offered, we will continue to work hard and push mammography and computed tomography solutions to the next level – while also listening to experts and following all recommended guidelines.

We hope everyone stays safe in this time of distress, while also taking care of their colleagues, family and friends.

Heikki Kyöstilä
President and founder
Planmeca Group

Jan Moed
Managing Director
Planmed Oy