In the deep Southern Hemisphere – the southernmost installation of Planmed digital breast tomosynthesis

Dr. Di Rienzo

Centro Imágenes Médicas Dr. Di Rienzo is a private imaging institute headquartered in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Belonging to a medical group founded in 1953 in Córdoba, Argentina, the institute operates under the medical direction of Dr. Gustavo Di Rienzo Their primary goal is to provide better care for all patients – every single day.

Centro Imágenes Médicas Dr. Di Rienzo has installed two modern imaging systems of the Planmeca Group in the city of Rio Grande, Province of Tierra del Fuego. These installations position the institute as the leader in breast and dental imaging in Patagonia.

The new acquisition consists of a Planmed Clarity™ 3D mammography system and a dental CBCT unit, Planmeca ProMax® 3D Classic.

Planmed Clarity 3D

Digital breast tomosynthesis solves the challenge of overlapping tissue structures by generating a three-dimensional image of the breast. Together with the patented Continuous Sync-and-Shoot™ acquisition method, Planmed Clarity 3D allows for crystal-clear reconstructions that provide greater visibility of microcalcifications and tissue structures. In addition to tomosynthesis, the unit incorporates several features that enable a rapid workflow and simple procedures in imaging and biopsies. The ergonomic and accessible design of the unit helps reduce patient anxiety. Its ease of use is guaranteed thanks to two touch screens that adapt to each of the available image processing modes.

The Planmeca ProMax 3D Classic CBCT system allows you to obtain three-dimensional images of both jaws using cone beam technology. This type of acquisition has allowed dental professionals to work with higher quality images compared to other methods, such as multi-slice computed tomography. CBCT technology also enables studies with less radiation for the patient and lower operating costs for the institute. In addition, the most advanced dental software platform in the world, Planmeca Romexis®, makes it possible to acquire 2D digital panoramic images and front and profile cephalometric images.

Through the acquisition of these units, Centro Imágenes Médicas Dr. Di Rienzo is positioned as a reference center throughout the province, allowing health professionals and patients to have access to quality diagnoses.

Both units have been provided by Voxel Argentina SA, the exclusive Planmed and Planmeca distributor in Argentina.

Dr. Gustavo Di RienzoDr. Gustavo Di Rienzo, Medical Director of Centro Imágenes Médicas Dr. Di Rienzo

A version of this article was originally published in Spanish by Diagnóstico Journal, 333, in October 2020.