In for the long haul

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29 March 2017

Twenty years of business relationship is hard to come by. When you get to this point, you're definitely in for the long haul.

I can still vividly remember how I felt after I sold my first Planmed Sophie Classic mammography system in Iloilo, Philippines back in 1997. It was an intense experience for it provided an ultimate validation of my vision – to be partners with an innovative company.

I’ve always regarded Planmed Sophie Classic as a product, which is years ahead of competition. My customers and their patients have praised its design, durability and patient-friendly compression.

I’d like to share a few memorable highlights of our years in business. In 2013 we were #1 company when it came to the number of mammography units sold in the Philippines. I also recall how one of my female employees, Desiree volunteered herself to a mammography exam during a product demonstration to prove how painless the compression is. Doctors were impressed by the device, and in no time, word spread around about how excellent our product is. In fact, a lady doctor from Kidapawan went to one of our installed systems in the city of General Santos to undergo a mammography exam just to have her own personal experience of the device. This was later on converted into a successful sale. University of the East Medical Center is another happy customer thanks to increase in patient numbers through word-of-mouth from one patient to another.

In for the long haul
On the left: Mr Wilbur Canonigo, President and CEO, Medical One Corporation
On the right: Atte Lötjönen, Export Sales, Planmed Oy

All of these stories represent just a fraction of all the positive feedback we have received during two decades. Honestly, it did not really come as a surprise to me when I found out that my oldest installation of Planmed Sophie Classic ran for 20 years. The success of this first installation gave birth to more sales and installations over the years.

“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.”
– Bill Gates

Looking ahead

Planmed has once again stopped competition in their tracks. With the new Planmed Clarity Digital Mammography line, I can foresee an exciting year of breakthroughs for our company this year. Planmed Clarity’s revolutionary design – together with the unparalleled and classic MaxView and other premium features – is bound to keep us and the market excited for the next five years.

In for the long haul

I truly believe that when relationships are strong, businesses have a much better chance at surviving the inevitable challenging times. I am grateful to Planmed for choosing to stay with us during both our difficult and flourishing times. Planmed has remained loyal to us just as we are to them. It is rare to find genuine relationships such as the one we have with Planmed, and for that I am deeply thankful. On behalf of Medical One, I sincerely wish a prosperous year 2017 and coming years.

Text by:
Mr. Wilbur Canonigo
President & CEO
Medical One Corporation