Digital breast tomosynthesis and synthetic 2D image

Benefits of digital breast tomosynthesis

DBT generates a slice stack of the breast and the slices can be scrolled through. This resolves the overlapping tissue structures resulting in increased sensitivity and specificity.

Benefits of digital breast tomosynthesis

The Planmed way to digital breast tomosynthesis

Planmed’s unique Continuous Sync-and-Shoot™ imaging method enables motion-blur-free tomosynthesis images that are exceptionally clear and provide a great visibility of microcalcifications and other delicate tissue structures.

The Planmed way to digital breast tomosynthesis

Planmed S2D™ - the synthetic 2D feature for Planmed Clarity 3D™

Planmed S2D™ is an optional upgrade for the Planmed Clarity 3D™ devices which allows creating a synthetic 2D image from digital breast tomosynthesis data. A synthetic 2D image enables getting an overview of the whole breast which may then be compared to prior 2D images. Moreover, the interpretation of microcalcifications and masses is easy with Planmed S2D as they are conveniently highlighted in the image without compromising image quality.

Benefits of synthetic 2D image

Synthetic imaging is used in combination with digital breast tomosynthesis as it produces 2D pictures derived entirely from 3D data, combining the individual, optimally enhanced 1 mm slices of a DBT image.

Synthetic imaging is widely used in many clinics worldwide, and in some practices, it has completely replaced the conventional 2D image. As synthetic 2D utilizes DBT data, there is no need to obtain a traditional 2D image. This means not only less exposure to radiation but also shorter examination times and reduced compression, thus improving patient comfort.

Planmed S2D™ is not commercially available for sale in the USA.

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