Disior Bonelogic

The cooperation between Planmed and medical technology company Disior enables taking the analysis of foot and ankle a step further. The Disior Bonelogic application solves the problems related to manual 3D measurements of bones and joints. It uses deformable shape models to segment bone tissue from imaging data.

Intelligent 3D tools for analyzing 3D data

Using the 3D image captured with the Planmed Verity® CT scanner, the algorithm automatically extracts the landmarks and longitudinal axes needed for the measurements from the segmentation result using robust feature detection algorithms. This results in excellent measurement repeatability, without the steps prone to human error.

Transforming a DICOM image into a mathematical model of the anatomy serves as the basis for an analysis of the anatomy and kinematics. Based on this analysis, any 3D measurement can be taught and automatized in the software. As a result, clinicians and radiologists are no longer dependent on individual slices but may easily use the whole data set for analysis. This way, transferring the measurement and diagnosis practices from weight-bearing 2D to 3D is easily achieved.

With the Planmed Verity and Disior Bonelogic application, you can easily add value to the diagnosis of common clinical cases in the foot and ankle region. For example, hallux valgus, flat foot and cavus foot are analyzed in an unseen way by automatically measuring angle, such as the first and second intermetatarsal angle, or Meary’s angle, from 3D weight-bearing data.

Disior Bonelogic Ortho Foot and Ankle

Disior Bonelogic Ortho Foot and Ankle

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