Planmed Verity orthopedic imaging

Orthopedic Imaging with Planmed Verity®

Weight-bearing imaging

Standing knee, ankle, foot , toes under natural load reveals problems otherwise non-discernible.

3D image of a standing patient shows the anatomy in a natural position,
and can reveal problems that are otherwise non-discernible, such as diminished joint space.


Touch screen
Adjustable touch screen user interface with intuitive Verity Manager software

Device that adapts to the patient
Joystick controlled gantry height and tilt that adapts to patient

Weight bearing imaging
Imaging of lower extremities under natural load

Easy installation
Mobile, easy to site unit with small foot print

Integrated acquisition and reconstruction PC
Stand alone installation or part of the system with full DICOM support

High resolution
Rugged flat panel detector with isotropic resolution up to 100um

Planmed Verity® Extremity Scanner – New way to look, new way to see

PLANMED VERITY® – The original weight-bearing CT

An introduction to Planmed Verity® in clinical practise

In arthrography, contrast medium is injected into the joint. It outlines soft tissue structures, making them clearer to see in images. With the support of arthrographic images, physicians can better evaluate alterations in the function and structure of a joint and help to determine the possible need for treatment, such as arthroscopy, joint replacement, or open surgery. Additionally, the procedure is used to assist in diagnosing unexplained and persistent joint discomfort or pain.

The benefit of using Planmed Verity® in arthrography lies in its CBCT technology. The extremity scanner’s high resolution combined with the use of contrast media ensures a better visibility of the cartilage layer than when using MRI or MSCT technologies. In addition, the isotropic data provided by Planmed Verity allows more freedom in analysing the area of interest.

In this webinar session, Professor Jari Salo (Head Clinician, Dept. of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery, Kuopio Finland; Mehiläinen Hospital, Helsinki Finland) explains the benefits of CBCT technology in medical imaging and presents the concept of CBCT arthrography.

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