Orthopedic imaging with Planmed Verity®

Planmed Verity® is a point-of-care extremity CT scanner providing high-quality 3D images with a low dose. The design of the unit is driven by the design philosophy of Planmed – maximized ergonomics and comfort for both the patient and the user.

Orthopedic imaging with Planmed Verity

Planmed Verity® – The original weight-bearing CT

A 3D weight-bearing image of a knee, ankle, foot and toes under natural load can reveal problems otherwise non-discernible. The versatile patient positioning options combined with advanced imaging algorithms allow effortless imaging.

3D weight-bearing imaging solves the challenges of projection differences and overlapping structures. The anatomy is shown in a naturally occurring position and can better reveal joint space narrowing and other conditions that may not be visible through conventional diagnostic means. Extremity CT is currently the only technology able to produce 3D imaging data of the anatomy under real, weight-bearing conditions.

Planmed Verity® – The original weight-bearing CT

The original weight-bearing CT

Sophisticated technology

Planmed Verity is a stand-alone imaging unit that has an integrated touchscreen-equipped workstation for image acquisition and reconstruction, as well as managing studies. The system features a motorized gantry with adjustable height and tilt for relaxed patient positioning. Being a compact and mobile unit, the Planmed Verity system can be flexibly installed and moved within the hospital to be used in different departments.

Planmed Verity Sophisticated technology

Proven low dose imaging with optimal diagnostic image quality

Questions related to effective doses and patient safety have taken on an increasing role as 3D imaging continues to evolve. These considerations are especially pronounced when imaging children. Clinicians following the ALARA (As Low as Reasonably Achievable) principle commit to not exposing patients to a higher dosage than is needed for acquiring images of sufficient diagnostic quality.

The innovative Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging protocol allows reducing the Planmed Verity® scanner’s already low effective patient doses by 50% without compromising diagnostic image quality. The unique and pioneering imaging protocol is based on Planmeca’s intelligent 3D algorithms.

Planmeca Ultra Low Dose protocol

Scientific publications

The Planmed Verity scanner is also widely used in research projects. The clinical outcomes have been proven in various studies around the world. A list of publications with summaries can be seen below. Contents vary from weight-bearing studies to fracture diagnostics comparisons between modalities and patient dose analyses.

List of scientific publications

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The upholstery of the unit is available in seven vibrating colors!

Planmed Verity upholstery colours

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